Looking for Funny Chicken Coop Names I have 10 gorgeous poultries, no fowls. I’ve been searching for the best name for the hen cage for months so I have actually compiled this ultimate list of 105 (Edit Oct 2020: it’s currently 110 thanks to you all!) names for chicken coops! Repaint these on your poultry cage sign or right on the coop.

These names are mainly for rooster-less coops, I could put together one more listing of names for hen coops with fowls one more day!

107 Funny Chicken Coop Names Suggestions

These hen cage names are in no certain order. Some names are nice, some mischievous (sorry, they’re humorous so I had to include them). Believe that you’ll find your Funny Chicken Coop Names right here too!

I made all these signs for inspiration. We Love for you to share them, utilize them as you please, they’re royalty-free, yet please share the love as well as associate them to me, preferably with a web link back to this site.

  1. The Chick-Inn
  2. Egg Scavator
  3. Mothercluckers
  4. Sister Chicks
  5. Coop-a-Cabana (Suggested by Mary Ellen, thank you!)
  6. Eggs it only (Suggested by Yep it’s Me, thank you!)
  7. Bohemian Eggsody
  8. Hen-some
  9. funny chicken coop
  10. The Golden Girls
  11. The Coop Mahal
  12. Best Little Hen House in
  13. Hen’s Party
  14. Holliday’s Carne-Val (Suggested by Linda, thank you!)
  15. Coyote Eggly
  16. Fat Bottomed Girls
  17. Breakfast Barn
  18. Chicken Brothel (Suggested by Liza, thank you!)
  19. Casa Huevos
  20. Chicken Coup for the Soul
  21. No Eggscape
  22. Poached
  23. Fowl Pen
  24. Chick Chalet
  25. The Bed & Broody
  26. Hen Hilton
  27. Just Got Laid
  28. Coop! There it is
  29. Cluckingham Palace
  30.  Funny Chicken Coop
  31. Hensylvania
  32. Coup de Soup
  33. No Boys Allowed
  34. The West Wing

More listing Funny Chicken Coop Names

  1. Eggville
  2. The Dixie Chicks
  3. Which Came First?
  4. Kentucky Live Chicken
  5. coop name trackter
  6. The Egg Plant
  7. Shakin’ Tail Feathers
  8. Fluffy Butts
  9. Las Pollas Loca/El Pollo Loco (Suggested by Bren, thank you!)
  10. The Pecking Order
  11. Girls’ Night In
  12. Da Coop
  13. Sorority Row
  14. The Scratch Pad
  15. Laid With Love
  16. The Egg-Zotic
  17. No Cock Castle
  18. She Shed
  19. All Cooped Up
  20. Cackle Feathers
  21. Chick Haven
  22. chicken coop name green
  23. Chez-Poulet
  24. The Ladies’
  25. Egg Layers Anonymous
  26. Only Eggs Get Laid
  27. Z-Hen Temple
  28. Eggs of Many Colors
  29. AnyCockleDoo
  30. Backyard Butts
  31. Sit Pretty
  32. That’s All, Yolks
  33. The Laydies Room
  34. The Penthouse
  35. Pecker-less
  36. Winging it
  37. Fort Sans Cock
  38. Virgin Layers
  39. Sister in Da Coop
  40. Cluckington Post
  41. funny chickens
  42. Yolk City
  43. Moulin Rouge
  44. Henningway
  45. Laid Fresh
  46. The Sisterhood
  47. The Best Lay This Side of the Bay
  48. The Pecker Palace
  49. Kardashihens

New Funny Chicken Name for your hens

  1. All the Single Ladies
  2. Who Left the Dudes Out
  3. Eggs Cetera
  4. Cackle Castle
  5. Tail Feather Lounge
  6. The Girls Next Door
  7. Flew the Coop
  8. Coop D’Ville
  9. We Have Layers
  10. Eggy Rogers
  11. The Eggloo
  12. 110 Chicken Coop NamesBirdie Barn
  13. The Oval Office
  14. The Convent
  15. Egg Stravaganza
  16. Chicken Nuggets
  17. Eggnog
  18. Fluffy Butt Hut
  19. No Crow Hotel
  20. The Stay ’n Lay
  21. Just Layin’ Around
  22. Chicks a Cluckin’
  23. Cruegga de Ville
  24. Henitentiary
  25. Fort Flox
  26. The Chick Pit
  27. funny coop names
  28. The House of the Rising Egg
  29. The Scramble Inn
  30. Los Pollos Hermanos
  31. What the Cluck
  32. Lackacock
  33. Egg-Mart

Chicken Coop Names New Ideas

I haven’t selected a name for my chicken cage sign yet, I’ll need to read this listing a couple of times prior to I make up my mind. My poultry cage is far from fancy. I developed it from all-recycled materials, stuff that was already on the home.


I’m not precisely sure what the frame came off, yet it resembles an old cattle crate or truck-back camper accessory. It was already covered in green canvas material on 2 sides, so I left the majority of that as well as covered the whole point in fence panels and also wire to protect it versus wild dogs etc.

So, it’s far from a “Royal residence” or a “Mansion” but I intend also those names could be funny because it’s until now from the truth.

Chicken Coop Names

Which poultry coop name have you chosen? What does your chicken cage sign appear like? Love to see your remarks below!🙂

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