Happychickensfarm Dream And Project

‘Happychickensfarm’ is affirmed by the American Humane Association. Moreover, NCC and NTF both follow animal welfare regulations and have positively impacted animal welfare worldwide.

Every year, ‘Happychickensfarm’ is audited by an independent inspector appointed by retailers and nourishment benefit clients to ensure ‘creatures’ wellbeing. The inspection will cover incubation and farming facilities, as well as handling offices.

A comprehensive protection program because it is available to employees at ‘HappyChickensFarm.’ Our organization’s employees could lose to their careers if they treat the winged creatures incorrectly.

The organization’s program for animal welfare is constantly improving, their animal welfare experts consult with the organization. A model of responsible animal welfare, Happychickensfarm; and now has become known worldwide.

Our Work

Happychickensfarm works with the principles of responsible creation in order to preserve human wellness and prescriptions. Veterinary, restorative and due to government innovators work together to test antitoxin resistance in humans. ‘Happychickensfarm‘ is working to eliminate all antimicrobials prescribed to humans, unless a rush’s clinical soundness is threatened.

Our passion

The solid chickens provide nourishment that is safe and healthy. Every aspect of the grilling process is taken into account so that¬† We implement ‘wellness’ programs, a nutritious diet, and better ‘farming’ practices as the pillars of the program.