Alfalfa Pellets For Horses

You ought to consist of Alfalfa Pellets For Horses in your steed’s diet regimen for many factors. Nevertheless, you ought to not utilize them to change hay. Why is that? These pellets do not have particles big sufficient to stimulate the horse’s digestive tract. This indicates that alfalfa pellets, while great for the equine, do not promote a healthy system. They do not have long-stem fibers and also can not replace hay. However, they can replace the calories that hay offers safely.

Alfalfa Pellets For Horses, A 1/4 inch hay pellet with no included binders, molasses, vitamins, or minerals.

Product # Size Form
42210750 50 lbs. 1/4 in. Pellet


Chopped Alfalfa Hay.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein – not less than 14.0%
Crude Fat – not less than 1.5%
Crude Fiber – not more than 30.0%

Feeding Instructions for Alfalfa Hay Pellets

Alfalfa Pellets For Horses are a great feeding alternative for older steeds, equines with bad teeth that have difficulty chewing, or steeds who are sensitive to breathing in dust from long-stem hay. It is recommended that hay pellets must not go beyond greater than 50% of the steed’s complete forage section of the diet regimen. The minimum forage consumption for most adult steeds is 1.5-2.0% of their overall body weight daily. Make all feeding modifications slowly

Provide clean, fresh alcohol consumption water in all times. Store in an awesome, completely dry, aerated location away from rodents and pests. Do not feed if musty, spoiled, insect/rodent plagued, or if feed has an uncharacteristic smell or appearance, as it may create disease or death.

What are pellets used for?

  • Adding calories to a horse’s diet

They can be used to add calories to your horse’s diet plan due to the fact that they are forage-based. Calories that are based upon forage do not create the issues caused by starch and high sugar feeds like grains. Alfalfa Pellets For Horses provide calories without adding the ‘warm’ variable. Alfalfa Pellets For Horses do not affect bulk of steeds adversely. Nonetheless, you need to inspect whether your steed is allergic to them.

  • Adding proteins to a horse’s diet

Usually, alfalfa has even more healthy protein than lawn hays. As a result, it can be used to add protein to a diet plan. In the grand system of points, nevertheless, these pellets will certainly not include that much protein to your steed’s diet regimen unless you are feeding it considerable quantities. The typical horse gets more protein from hay and field than from a few pounds of alfalfa pellets. As an example, ten pounds of yard hay contains 1.08 pounds of protein if it has 13 percent protein. Alternatively, two pounds of 15 percent healthy protein alfalfa include just a quarter pound of protein.

Alfalfa Pellets For Horses generally can be found in fifty-pound bags as well as can be located at nearly any type of feed store. When fed together with alfalfa cubes as well as beet pulp they are much more valuable. If you feed them with a long-stem fiber source, the pellets can change calories lost when hay is not available or limited.

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