Animal Letters for Nursery

These charming animal letters make a fantastic addition to any nursery setting. Each letter of the alphabet is made of a different animal, each beginning with that letter of the alphabet. The animal letters for nursery are wonderfully clear and colourful, perfect for a border or alphabet line for use in your setting or at home. You could use this pack of letter sets for more traditional displays.

You could also laminate these lovely animal letters for nursery and include them in your continuous provision. The animals themselves make a great visual reference for helping children engage with phonics activities too.

These alphabet letters work well as individual cut-outs. You can also find these animal letters presented as A4 Posters, in Lower Case Format and as a handy pack of Flashcards.

Which Animals are included in this Animal Letters Display Pack?

In alphabetical order, the animals are alligator, bird, cat, dog, elephant, flamingo, giraffe, horse, iguana, jellyfish, koala, lion, monkey, newt, octopus, parrot, quail, rhino, snake, tiger, unicorn, vampire bat, whale, x-ray fish, yak and zebra.

Why not use these lovely characters as part of your animals topic and help children develop new vocabulary in the process?

Find a great range of animal activities in our Early Years Animals Collection.

Using Animal Letters for Nursery in Classroom Organisation

You can use these lovely illustrated cut-outs to help you with themed organisation for your early years setting. Use these Preschool Classroom Animal Names as peg or tray labels to help children learn the first letter of their own name. This would be great for helping children recognise their animal letters in different areas of the classroom and make your input more consistent.

Why are nursery display boards important?

Nursery display boards have lots of significant benefits.


  • They make the environment more welcoming and inviting to young children who may otherwise be anxious about being away from parents or carers.
  • They can be used to display learning materials such as vocabulary cards, number lines or other learning aids.
  • They can be used to showcase children’s work which is great for helping build confidence and making children feel valued.
  • They can provide a visual reminder of key information for staff, parents and children such as which child is assigned to each key worker, important dates to remember or other such information.

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