Bantam Chickens- Breeds, Egg Laying, Size and Care Guide

Bantam chickens are most ideal for little backyards where space is costs.
You can conveniently fit 2 bantams right into the area required by one typical bird, as well as considering that they like to fly, building up will certainly accommodate them well.

They may be little, yet they are rupturing with personality as well as joy– of course, I may be biased because I have a tiny flock of Barbu D’Uccles!

What is a Bantam chickens?

A Bantam chickens is a small version of a normal chicken. They can differ from half to two-thirds the dimension of normal birds.

Bantam Cochin Chickens

In total, the American Bantam Organization notes over 400 selections of bantam birds.
The beginning of the word ‘bantam’ is from the seaport of Bantan, Indonesia.
When seafarers stopped into the port for fresh food and also water products, they were excited by the neighborhood poultries, which were smaller sized than the chickens back house.
Bantan was damaged right into Bantam as a whole English, so tiny chickens came to be referred to as bantams.

Bantam Chickens

Types of Bantam Chickens

Strictly speaking, there are three kinds of bantam chicken.

  1. There are ‘true’ bantams; these have no large chicken equivalent. They are naturally occurring with no input from mankind. Breeds: Nankin, Sebright, and also Rosecomb.
  2. Miniaturized bantams were made from a basic type of Rhode Island Red, Cochin, or Orpingtons.
  3. Established bantams– these are small breeds that have actually been additional created with some assistance from humankind. They have been around for as long that the origins are questionable at finest. Such types are Belgian, Pekin (Cochin), and Japanese.

The developed bantam breeds can be a bit complex, actually. For example, the Barbu D’Uccle– has no big fowl equivalent, so it is a true Bantam chickens.

When the Bantam chickens Breed were Developed?

Nevertheless, the breed was produced around 1903 by Michael Van Gelder of Uccle, Belgium, and was developed by crossing two (maybe more) bantam types, so it is called a developed breed.

Bantam Chickens

Exactly how to Look after Bantams

In many aspects, bantams do not normally call for anything different from conventional types.
Since they are small, they have a greater metabolic price, so several of these little birds feel cold more than larger chickens.
Japanese and Dutch bantams especially are kept in mind as not being cool tolerant.
The normal needs for real estate continue to be; completely dry and also draft evidence. All poultry call for real estate that is sized for the number of birds that will certainly be residing in it.
If you remember, large chicken demand 4 square feet of cage space and 8 square feet of run/ per bird. Bantams call for slightly less area.

Stats to Keep your Bantam Hens Safe

Numerous resources state 1sq. ft/bird, however 2sq. ft is favored in the coop with 4sq. ft in the run.
Bantams take a lot less room than their bigger equivalents already!
If you can supply great deals of perches at various elevations, perhaps even a small tree and some shrubs, they will certainly make superb use them.
It do without saying that they require the appropriate food and also water. Supplements would certainly include vitamin/electrolyte powder monthly, grit, and calcium, plus any suitable scraps for them.

A bantam will certainly eat approximately 1lb feed/month– you are reducing your feed costs drastically.
Bantams are generally great flyers! If you plan to keep them in a coop, make sure they have high perches as well as places they can fly as much as if they intend to.
If you desire to maintain them constrained to that location, the run will require to be covered. This will certainly also stop predation by hawks or owls.

If you decide to mix your bantams in with typical breeds, ensure they aren’t obtaining picked on due to their size.
Mine mix in with the standards, as well as I have located them really experienced at averting and also maneuvering in between the larger ladies.
They will easily fly up and off the beaten track if they feel intimidated whatsoever.
These diminutive little powerhouses can live up to 10-15 years, yet their life expectancy is usually around 5-7 years.

Special Care for Bantams Chickens

Polish Frizzle Bantam Chick
These types of birds need their pens to be relatively mud/muck-free. Or else, the foot feathers get incredibly crusted as well as dirty.

Modifying the base of the run can be rather uncomplicated. If it is prone to muddiness, add some pebbles or building and construction sand to the area.
When the area is dry sufficient, attempt seeding with grass, plant a number of bushes if you have area to.
In the very early spring, I usually include two or 3 big pails of compost to the location around the doors, etc.
This stuff will break down well, provide some ‘scratch-worthy’ dirt, as well as maintain feet a bit cleaner.

If the feet get crusted with dirt and poop, a foot bath remains in order. Standing the bird in warm water as well as gently working at the plumes can relax the bird and you.
Keep in mind, these are little birds, so it should not become a wrestling suit as it sometimes performs with the standard birds!

The good news is that with some baking powder or styptic and also some solid stress on the area, the bleeding will certainly quit.
Feather-footed birds are likewise susceptible to flaky leg termites. These unpleasant little pests can set up shop rapidly as well as stay unnoticed for some time as a result of the feathering.
I check my birds every night when they most likely to roost yet examining them once a month should be enough.

Bantam Chickens

Bantam Eggs Manufacturing, Broodiness, and Personality.

Bantam eggs are, of course, smaller sized than basic eggs, roughly half the size of conventional eggs. The proportion for utilizing them in cooking is 3 bantam eggs for each 2 basic eggs.
Bantams often tend to obtain a bum rap for laying. Undoubtedly it was about 8 months before mine started to lay, yet they have actually been pretty consistent since then.

This previous winter months, we have definitely had a lot more petite eggs than criterion– thankfully!
Bantams of common chicken tend to lay a little bigger eggs as well as are a lot more respected than the true bantams.
Some go broody, others not, but the broodies defend their eggs and also chicks fiercely, and also they make fantastic mothers– not also standard chickens will certainly tinker a bantam broody!

Bantam Chicken Eggs

Lots of individuals keep one or two bantam broodies to hatch out their conventional eggs due to the fact that they are dependable. Undoubtedly, a bantam can not cover as many eggs, however that does not mean they will not attempt!
They usually have a wonderful character as well as get along to human beings and chickens alike. Roosters can be wonderful, however some can likewise be a bit aggressive, particularly throughout the breeding period.

As constantly, some types of the fowl are better than others, so research your selected type carefully.
Bantams mixed with standard-sized breeds have to fight for their location in the pecking order from the brooder box. Bantam chicks are tiny, but not all are concerned with their dimension, neither do they even recognize they are small.
Bantams can be exceptionally bold and in some cases flighty birds, depending on the type.

Adding brand-new bantams to a cage full of well-known standard chickens is a recipe for disaster. You might have been able to include hens of the very same dimension to a well established cage, and the birds function things out rather swiftly.
On the other hand, a bantam may not have the ability to fight back, and the bigger birds may squash it, peck it, or prevent it from getting to the feeder.

So if you would love to include bantams to your group, take into consideration keeping a separate group of your brand-new little birds so they can establish their own position.


No space for big chickens? Want something different that will make you smile? Look no more than bantams.
There is a big variety to pick from. Whether you desire a ‘mille fleur,’ polychromatic, disallowed, or plain– there is a Bantam to suit your taste.

They are always intriguing to watch, with some varieties such as the Barbu D’Uccles you can have entire conversations with! They are joyous, interested, and entertaining creatures. If I could only have one kind of bird, it would certainly be bantams.
Do you have bantams? Inform us about them in the remarks section below. You recognize we love to speak with you.

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