Billy goat trail in 1919 That A YMCA triangle club established

Part a of the Billy Goat Trail, by far the most popular, is on the bear island and traverses rough and rocky terrain. The hike involves a steep climb along a cliff face along the Mather Gorge of the Potomac River. Hikers also have to scramble over and around huge boulders at another point on the trail. In section b, there is only one brief scramble; in section c, there is none. Trail blazes in light blue mark most of the trail.

Billygoat Track And Fun

This circuit, which allows for rock-hopping for nearly a mile. It has spectacular views of the Potomac River along the way and is truly great fun. Air jumps are also difficult in spite of their rating. Around the Billy Goat Trail, there are several trails and walking paths, including the towpath. The River Trail, Gold Mine Loop and Spurs, the Ford and Mine Trail Zen Habitats.


Billy goats are very popular on sunny days all year long, but if you arrive by 8:00 am, you might avoid the crowds. You can miss all the crowds. The entire Billygoat is made up of 3 separate sections a, b, & c, that start and finishes on the c&o canal. Following the rock-hopping section a, we have mapped a 7.8-mile circuit. The more casual hike on section b, with a return back to the great falls parking area using the berma rd. Trail and overlook trail Zen Habitats.

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Billygoat Sections And Law

Section a is best accessed from the great falls tavern visitor center.[2] section b The best way to access section c is from the Carderock recreation area. There is no entrance fee to the trail, though there is a fee to park near the great falls tavern visitor center ($15 per car – 2019). Carderock does not charge a parking fee.   The Great Falls Overlook (section a) does not allow pets, but everywhere else is fine. From the parking lot, you need about two and a half hours to do the section a loop.

The three sections of the Billygoat trail do not connect directly with each other but are connected to each other by the towpath along the c&o canal. Approximately two and one-half miles (four and a half km) southeast lie the endpoints of sections C and a.

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