Chicken nesting boxes can be considered as hen furnishings and also are important for your flock. Hens take pleasure in having a peaceful spot where they can lay their eggs.

They can sit and also lay their egg in private and when done, just hop off the nest and also continue with important things like foraging or dirt showering.

In this write-up we cover everything you need to learn about nesting boxes. The number of your hens need, what dimension they require to be as well as much more. We also review some pre-made boxes and likewise provide you 13 easy DIY nesting box strategies to construct your own.

What To Take into consideration When Choosing A Chicken Nesting Box

It might amaze you to learn that poultries do not need nesting boxes at all– it is the humans that need them.

In the wild a chicken will discover a silent, secluded spot and make a nest.

It could be in the hedgerow, in the barn or anywhere else she pleases and that makes it hard for predators to discover her. After searching the areas as well as woods for the egg stock, humans ultimately came up with the concept of having a nesting box so that the chicken can have an unique place to lay her eggs and also we can conveniently discover them.

Obviously, your chickens will also be safer in the coop nest boxes than they would certainly sitting out in the field.

The number of nesting boxes do hens need?

A good rule to adhere to is one box for every single three to 4 chickens.

Directly I favor to have the ratio slightly higher (specifically if you have more than a dozen or two chickens). No matter how many nests you have they will always tiff over their favorite box. Although the majority of the nesting boxes should be placed in the cage, you can have a couple positioned around the within the barn.

This sees to it that there suffice boxes for everybody in a selection of peaceful areas.

What dimension should they be?

This will generally depend on the size of your poultries.

Criterion sized hens will certainly fit extremely nicely in a 12 ″ x12 ″ x12 ″ inch box.
Bantams chickens can have smaller boxes of 10 ″ x12 ″ x10 ″.
Larger types such as Jersey Giants will certainly require somewhat even more area at 12 ″ x14 ″ x12 ″.
Each nesting box should just accommodate one chicken. Although it may look cute to have two women laying in the same box, it can be hard on the eggs as they regularly obtain broken.

The nesting boxes must be inside your coop.

When hens are laying eggs they favor a peaceful area.

So your nesting boxes ought to be put far from the feeding station and not beneath the perches.

They require to be increased from the floor also by concerning eighteen to twenty-four inches. If you can, place them in a dark area of the cage.

Just keep in mind that the roosts should constantly be more than the nest boxes to avoid hens from oversleeping packages. Review the total overview to poultry roosts for more recommendations.

If your hens reside in a barn or an additional big room, you can place your boxes in a couple of areas to make sure that your chickens can have a selection.

Which material is best for Chicken Nesting Boxes Dimensions?

Your nesting boxes must be either wood or plastic. Both of these materials are durable and washable.

The benefits of plastic are that it is light-weight, washable and also lasts for a very long time. On the other hand wood can look better and is very sturdy.

How To Install Nesting Boxes

Most Chicken Nesting Boxes will connect to the wall surface of your cage.

You will certainly require to make sure that the structure of your cage can sustain the variety of boxes you will certainly put.

If you are utilizing wood boxes after that keep in mind. They are much larger than plastic and may need some extra supports to securely hold them in place.

Pre-made nest boxes will certainly have openings pre-drilled that lets you easily screw them to the wall surface.

You will need to decide where you are mosting likely to position your boxes.

They need to be in the quietest and also darkest location of the cage and also positioned in between 18-24 inches from the ground. Do not put them under roosting perches as they will be covered in poop each day.

If you have birds that do not fly well (such as Silkies) you can place the boxes on the floor for them.

Whether you line the boxes up like soldiers or startle them in height as well as location is an individual selection. Chickens like to be rather social when nesting, so lining them up is perfect for the women to have a chat while laying that egg.

Installing them must not take you also long once you have your boxes, tools as well as equipment united. Your hens will wish to help!

Exactly how To Decorate Your Nesting Box

Some individuals like to decorate their Chicken Nesting Boxes, while other individuals not so much.

You can Check Chicken Nesting Boxes For Sale

The hens?

They do not care much one means or the various other, yet there are some designs that are beneficial to your hens. Firstly you can make use of drapes.

Drapes will certainly aid with the privacy, silent as well as dark that hens favor to stock. The drapes must fit over the front of the package and be made from a lightweight fabric that can be easily removed by the ladies.

For my drapes, I use empty feed sacks since I’m not good at stitching. You can change these curtains when they get filthy or damaged. Next you can also use natural herbs (pennyroyal, mint, lavender as well as chamomile).

If you want to add some shade you can add some marigold flowers. They are fantastic insect deterrents as well as hens like to consume them as well.

Training Hens to Stock Chicken Nesting Boxes

It can take a little bit of time to educate your chickens to utilize the Chicken Nesting Boxes.

You require to start training your chickens when they go to factor of ordinary (normally around 16-20 weeks old). When your pullets are thinking of laying eggs you should have the ability to distinguish their actions.

They might be agitated, nervous and distracted wandering from area to place seeking the area. Once they begin this behavior you can assist to assist them by positioning phony eggs (or golf rounds) in the nest boxes. If you have older chickens then the newer pullets must follow the lead of the older girls and use the nest box.

You can anticipate a couple of missteps in the process once they get the idea they are usually greater than pleased to utilize the box. One more method to obtaining them to utilize package is to spray some scrape, or split corn in package for a number of days.

Simply make certain to maintain packages clean and also the bed linens fresh.

They will hesitate to utilize them if there is any kind of poop or dirt in it.

Naturally you will certainly always have an independent hen that will lay anywhere she wants to.

If you manage to discover her in the act of laying in other places, try selecting her up and also placing her in a nest box. Some people have excellent success with this approach although it might take a few times before she takes the tip.

Typical Issues With Nesting Boxes

You need to anticipate to find across several problems with your Chicken Nesting Boxes Plans.

The biggest concern you will certainly discover is obtaining the hens to utilize them for laying (read our training guidance above).

Another typical concern is poultries sleeping in the boxes. Unless you delight in cleaning out packages every morning this need to be prevented. The simplest way to discourage them from this routine is to obstruct the boxes each evening.

You can utilize cardboard doors to close the nests and then re-open the boxes in the morning ready for the hens to start laying.

Successive is sharing Chicken Nesting Boxes this is a common habit which must be discouraged. Chickens are sociable animals and also enjoy the firm of their sisters. They might look charming sitting together however you will likely end up with broken or at the very least dirty eggs. Chickens nesting with each other ought to be grabbed as well as positioned in an additional nesting box.

Chicken Nesting Boxes Plans

Now onto broody hens. These hens will certainly select a nesting box and rest, as well as rest and also sit. This can be frustrating to the other hens that might try to relocate her out. If she is identified she will certainly begin howling at them to disappear and also will be giving out pecks to any individual who tries to relocate her. If you do not desire chicks after that you will certainly require to raise her out of the nest as well as break her from her broodiness.

Lastly, you will discover that sometimes hens will totally disregard a nesting box. Have a look at the setup from their perspective. It requires to be secure, peaceful, semi-dark as well as secure.

If you have it positioned in the busiest location of the cage without any personal privacy. A great deals of light then the chickens are not going to utilize it. Chickens are wise creatures and will attempt to lessen dangers to their children (eggs) by laying in locations. They think about protected as well as well masked.


While your chickens can do without nest boxes, they are very useful to us people.

When your chickens are girls, you no longer need to search the lawn for those tasty eggs. There are various types of nest box as well as you can either get or make them yourself.

In the DIY abilities division, purchasing is easier, but it is helpful if you are handy. Making your own can save a great deal of cash. Made use of things such as plastic crates. The only limitation is your creativity– you can use old grape pet crates or even 5 gallon containers.

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