Why use chicken wire fence Do you intend to maintain your hens safe from predators or avoid your beloved group from getting away as well as creating chaos upon your next-door neighbor’s lawn and also garden? garden fence with chicken wire and chicken wire fence for dogs After that you require a secure chicken fence of the excellent height!

That’s why a lot of my fellow homesteading friends inquire about the excellent elevation for a yard poultry fence. How high should a poultry fence be? I’m naturally paranoid about predators attacking my chickens, so I say the higher as well as much more protected the poultry fence, the far better.

But just how high of a poultry fencing do you require? The ideal elevation relies on 3 important elements– including the nature of your flock!

The Three Big Chicken Wire Fence Height Variables

  1. Killers– The number of killers prowl in your area?
  2. The Nature of Your Flock– You understand your flock much better than any individual. Are they docile? Flighty? Calm? Adventurous? Rebellious? Most significantly– have you ever seen them fly?
  3. Website traffic– Do you live in an active community? Just how most likely are your poultries to go across the road– at their risk?

Let’s take a much better take a look at the adhering to 3 risk variables your flock deals with. We’ll also review just how the danger variables can assist disclose the excellent elevation of your poultry fence.

1. Predators Chicken Wire Fence to Keep your Chickens Safe 

chicken fence

Predators are possibly the biggest threat to your hens. Predators are additionally the top reason you should think about a tall, secure poultry fence. What is the prevalence of hen cage predators in your location? The danger differs for every single coop.

If you have numerous wild felines and also raccoons around your yard, you need a fencing of at the very least 5-6 feet! Likewise, ask yourself if you’ve seen any one of the adhering to known hen predators in your neck of the woods.

Infamous Chicken Predators

  • Foxes
  • Coyotes
  • Possums
  • Wolves
  • Weasels (They love eggs. Beware!)
  • Rats (They also want your hen’s eggs!)
  • Fisher Cats
  • Snakes (Dangerous chicken egg thieves!)
  • Wild or domestic cats
  • Wild or domestic dogs
  • Skunks

Your region might also have unique critters that happily feast upon the eggs of your chickens or child chicks. What regional creatures hide close by? Consider your danger.

2. The Nature of Your Flock

Some hens are much livelier as well as a lot more daring than others. How active, flighty, and also energised are your hens?

Do your chickens remain next to their coop during the day? Or, do you locate your chooks foraging far past your lawn as well as invading your neighbor’s vegetable yard?

Your next-door neighbors do not want a feathery intruder pecking where they’re uninvited! So, if your chickens have a propensity for trip, love to check out, and also require a free-range way of living, after that I recommend a fence of at the very least 6 feet.

3. What About Traffic in Your Neighborhood? Can Chicken Wire Fence Make it Safe.

garden fence with chicken wire

When my friends ask me about the best chicken fence elevation, I constantly ask about their area. Do you have much web traffic on your roadway? Is your poultry in danger of getting struck by oncoming traffic if it escapes?

If you live on a busy street or in a metropolitan area, after that it’s much more of an issue if your wonderful hens run out into the road. If your neighborhood is busy, after that I advise a hen fence of a minimum of 6 feet — maybe much more. You may have noticed that I constantly recommend a chicken fencing of a minimum of 6 feet.

Below’s why I assume that tall hen fencings are a wizard idea.

The Best Chicken Wire Fence Elevation for Yard Poultries

chicken wire fence for dogs

I compete that a poultry fencing around 6 feet high is the ideal elevation in the majority of scenarios– even if you reside in the middle of nowhere.

Why 6 feet Chicken Wire Fence? Isn’t that excessive?

Well, numerous wild animals and predators would certainly love to take your hens. Even as you read this article, anxious killers could be spying on your group and also licking their chops!

Some chicken caretakers, garden enthusiasts, garden fence with chicken wire, chicken wire fence for dogs,  as well as homesteaders state that your chicken fence (as well as poultry run) need only be a few feet tall.

I think that a poultry fence that’s just 2-4 feet high is better than nothing, however not by a lot.

Numerous foxes, raccoons, bobcats, as well as prairie wolves can remove a 2 or 3-foot hen fence like they were educating for an Olympic medal. Some hen predators additionally seem to have 10x a lot more guts when they find a hot lunch (like infant chicks) on their radar.

Chicken keepers beware!

Perfect Chicken Fence Elevation Ranges

I advise 6-foot or over to keep your group safe. Yet, if you don’t desire a 6-foot high poultry fence, you have various other choices.

2- 4 Foot Hen Fence

A fence this range supplies modest defense against killers, specifically if you order a poultry fence of a minimum of 4 feet high. You additionally obtain some protection to avoid your poultries from getting away.

But make no mistake. Also low-flying chooks, careless chickens, as well as famously manageable breeds might likely discover their way over your hen fence if it’s just 2-4 feet tall.

If you’re a homesteader on a spending plan and also can’t pay for much else, after that a chicken fence of this height is better than nothing. However, it’s not suitable– especially if you have an array of predatory animals lurking around your yard chicken house.

4- 6 Foot Chicken Fencing

4 to 6 feet is the sweet zone for hen fencings. In this height variety, you use a little more resistance to your energised chicken breeds who are itching to fly the coop or stray foraging. A poultry fence of this height is likewise a formidable obstacle to assist block hungry and also wise killers from undesirable entrance.

However, you shouldn’t have a false complacency. Excited raccoons and also wild felines can still potentially finish this fence as well as access your hens.

6 Foot and also 6 Foot+ Chicken Fencing (Fort Knox for Hens).

A tough hen fence of this elevation will certainly discourage lots of predators who desire to dine upon your feathery flock.

If your homestead flaunts an expensive coop of poultries or cherished birds that you can not live without, after that a fencing over 6 feet supplies the best feasible security for your chickens.

This hen fence elevation is two times as excellent if your flock features wayward chicken breeds that could act edgy occasionally.

You might likewise build customized chicken secure fencing using personal privacy fencing, chain web link fence, stockade fence, bonded cable secure fencing– or any durable fencing that you want.

Nearly any kind of tall, tough fencing will help keep land-dwelling killers outside– and your chickens inside.

Chicken Fence FAQs

chicken fence ideas

I’ve spent a ton of time around these gorgeous birds, and I enjoy reviewing one of the most usual poultry fence inquiries with my homesteading pals.

What’s the most effective Product for Poultry Secure Fencing?

There are a few preferred alternatives, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a listing of one of the most popular products for hen secure fencing.

  • Plastic Poultry Netting — An affordable alternative for a very easy and also fast poultry fencing. Plastic netting can assist contain your chickens appropriately sufficient. However, if set up poorly, it does not supply much defense against prairie wolves, foxes, wolves, bobcats, raccoons, et cetera. Where to buy plastic fowl netting.
  • Steel Poultry Netting — Slightly extra pricey than plastic poultry netting, but still economical! Steel chicken netting deals reasonable defense against predators– and also it’s surprisingly light as well as very easy to install. Where to buy steel poultry netting.
  • Hardware Cloth — Budget-friendly choice if you intend to build a custom chicken pen or chicken fence. Make sure the mesh is small sufficient so serpents, weasels, possums, as well as rats can not easily slip via! Where to purchase hardware fabric.
  • Welded Cable — A durable option if you want to seal up some loose ends in your hen run, protect some weak points in your hen fence, or if you need a custom hen cable fence. Where to acquire bonded cord fence.
  • Chain Web Link Fence — Among the very best options to maintain your poultries secure from pets, wolves, prairie wolves, and foxes. If you choose chain link fence, include some of this personal privacy screen to maintain your poultries concealed from killers!
  • Stockade Secure fencing — High stockade fences create among the very best hen obstacles. Here’s a chicken fencing that can stay out almost any kind of land-based killer. Nevertheless, stockade fencings can be costly to purchase as well as mount.

Why Do My Chickens Try to Leave My Yard?

Chickens are naturally interested and they may stray beyond their appointed location without in fact meaning to “leave” the yard. My hens like to forage all over and also they can roam quite much! At night, each and every single one go back to the cage; they have an excellent orientation!

In some cases, hens can try to leave the yard if they’re experiencing difficult scenarios. Think about the complying with concerns if you want to review the wellness and also well-being of your flock.

  • Does your group have sufficient room to stretch, scrape, discover, and also peck openly?
  • Exists sufficient space in your poultry cage?
  • Is your coop clean?
  • Are there pests in your coop?
  • Is there a lot of fresh turf for your poultries to forage?
  • Have your poultries been shocked by close-by predators? Absolutely nothing emphasizes your flock as high as an undesirable dinner visitor! We obtain a lot of snakes around the area and also
  • there’s no way the poultries go back to the coop if there is a snake hanging around in there …

If your poultries have a tranquil environment, food, water, and also a tidy– safe cage, they’ll most likely have no factor to leave. Besides the explorer-chicken, that is. She’ll find a method unless your fence depends on scrape!

Should I Clip the Wings of My Chickens?

Clipping your chicken’s wings is a personal telephone call. But, there is one danger of clipping the wings of your poultry. What occurs if a starving predator enters your backyard– and then your chicken is unable to safeguard itself or fly away?

If that took place, it would certainly break my heart to see!

So, I believe that maybe it’s finest to leave your hen wings unclipped. The choice is yours. Regardless, I always recommend that you manage your chickens when beyond the coop. Supervise and also protect your group!

To discover if you should clip you’re poultry’s wings, as well as exactly how to do it, have a look at How to Clip My Chicken’s Wings so It Can’t Fly (and Whether You Must).

Can I Buy Chicken Fence Online?

chicken wire garden fence

Yes! Tractor Supply and also Lehman’s sell hens in the springtime. They have a lots of healthy chicks ready to purchase online. They are adorable and searching for a family! The above listing is just scratching the surface as to the hen breeds you can elevate. Tractor Supply has a ton of chicks for sale. Check their web site for online chick schedule in your area!

Can Chickens Fly? If Not, After that Why Do I Required a Tall Poultry Fencing?

Contrary to popular belief, chickens can fly! Nonetheless, they’re not excellent flyers– not compared to most various other birds. Some hen caretakers and also homesteaders dispute whether all hens can fly– as well as why some hens aren’t excellent leaflets whatsoever.

Many modern egg-laying chickens are the product of selective breeding. Business poultry farmers try to find chickens with plump meat as well as delicious eggs. The hen’s capacity to fly isn’t high on the priority checklist of a lot of chicken farmers!

You’ll additionally notice that chickens have reasonably small wings contrasted to their round bodies– they’re not aerodynamically effective leaflets, also on a good day. Youthful, dexterous chickens can fly fairly well enough to land atop your poultry fence, that’s without a doubt.

As chickens get older and lazier, they’re much less likely to forage, explore, and also adventure.

Can Hens Fly Over My Fence?

Most likely. Nonetheless, keep in mind that a poultry usually won’t fly out of your backyard unless it has a excellent factor.

If you provide your chickens lots of quality poultry seed, water, a secure coop, and also adequate foraging room, after that they’ll usually gladly cluck, scratch, and also explore securely in your backyard.

Often, poultries also love their cages and don’t endeavor far beyond their hen runs or enclosed playpens– specifically if they appreciate your company.

Will a Chicken Fence Keep Black Bears Out?

The issue with black bears is that they’re experienced climbers– much better than most individuals think. Black bears are additionally crazily athletic and run 30 miles per hr. No fencing is high enough to avoid a starving, determined black bear. Black bears also have incredible strength and also raw power– all the best trying to lock them out.

If a black bear has its eyes set upon your flock, then you may want to consider adding an electrical fence to your toolbox. I know that a lot of my chicken-raising good friends detest the idea of electric fencings. I comprehend!

Nonetheless, electric fences are just one of few ways to discourage a black bear away from hens successfully.

Tips for Maintaining Black Bears Away From Chickens

  • Do not leave any added chicken feed around your backyard– bears love seeds.
  • Never ever leave your hens ignored in your yard overnight– keep your chooks nestled safely in their coop.
  • Take into consideration adding a barn-door lock to your hen cage during the night– this lock could not protect against an established bear however can ideally give your poultries time to raise the alarm.
  • Stash any kind of hummingbird food or bird feeders in the evening– black bears love the sweet fragrance of hummingbird food and also happily wolf it by the gallon.
  • If you barbeque a lot, see to it to cleanse your grill afterward, so there aren’t any kind of attracting aromas remaining in the location.

The concept is to keep a tidy backyard and eliminate excess foods that draws in black bears.
The last point you want is for a black bear to at first find a delicious bird feeder packed with wonderful bird suet — just to discover a group of plump chickens moments later on!

How Can I Keep Foxes Out of My Fowl Run or Chicken Fence?

Foxes look cool on YouTube yet make no mistake. They seek to devour your flock– specifically your newly-hatched chicks! Even even worse, foxes are sly adversaries and often tend to show up when the very least anticipated.
If you have creative foxes trying to run away with your downy good friends, after that there are a couple of methods at your disposal.

  1. First, make certain that the fox can’t conveniently dig under your fencing. If you’re building a brand-new hen fence, you can hide your fencing 6 to 12 inches below the soil’s surface area to make it more difficult for the fox to district underneath.
  2. Is your fencing already in place? No fears. You can connect a 2-3 foot layer of welded cable mesh onto the beyond your poultry fencing and hide the mesh 6– 12 inches deep. Attempt to hide the mesh at a small angle towards the outdoors, so it’s more challenging for pesky intruders to dig beneath and accessibility your group.
  3. For tighter safety and security, take into consideration including a layer of huge, heavy blocks along the fencing’s exterior boundary to make it even more tough for a smart fox, dog, or prairie wolf to dig under your fence.

One More Vital Chicken Fence Tip!

chicken run fence

Numerous chicken keepers believe that once you elevate a hen fencing– that your chickens are automatically risk-free.
That’s not true!

Foxes, wolves, and also predators will certainly always seek a method to devour your precious chickens. Your flock relies on you for safety. Lots of shrewd monsters possess shocking persistence and will await the ideal opportunity to catch your chickens.

Do not allow your guard down! Keep in mind that some killers originate from the skies, like hawks, owls, and also eagles. That’s another reason that you need to maintain your eye on your group in any way times.
Do not leave your group neglected while foraging beyond their cages or encased area– and don’t let them down!

Many thanks so much for reading this guide! Please leave a comment listed below if you have inquiries, remarks, or adorable as well as funny tales about your yard poultries. Above all– please let me know if you’ve seen your chickens fly!

Have a great day– as well as happy farming!

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