Main keypoints and main Breed of Chickens With Feathered Feet that you should know before buying one and get them into your coop.

Not all poultries were made equal. Some, like the Polish poultry, wear their crests with all the design of the most eye-catching fascinator at Ascot while others strut around in their tufts and aficionados like something out of a Jane Austen story.

Poultries with cosy, feathery feet do not look quite as trendy, yet are extremely adorable, often appearing like they’re wearing over-sized slippers.

Our 8 best chickens with feathered feet That you gona love

  1. Booted Bantam
  2. Belgian d’Uccle
  3. Brahma
  4. Cochin
  5. Faverolle
  6. Langshan
  7. Silkie
  8. Sultan

Type of Chickens With Feathered Feet?

Black Chickens With Feathered Feet

Most of us are familiar with the fluffy-footed bantam yet what various other breeds of chickens with feathered feet.

Do Orpingtons have feathered feet? Obviously not, but there are 8 different breeds of chickens that do and also are recognized by the American Chicken Association as part of the supposed Feather Leg Course.

Just because they look trendy, nonetheless, does not always mean they’ll get on life in your backyard. Before rushing out to protect yourself a choice of fluffy-footed fowls. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of owning such Chickens.

1. Booted Bantam Chickens With Feathered Feet

Bantam Chickens With Feathered Feet

This petite breed has actually been around the 1600s as well as is just one of the “real bantams” which indicates “it is a naturally small chickens with feathered feet with no related huge fowl where it was lowered in dimension.”

Often considered the Cover girl of the poultry world, Booted Bantams are largely maintained as exhibit or show chickens, or as pets. They’re layers around 150 to 180 admittedly fairly small eggs annually.

With their brief, compact bodies, long wings, and feathery feet and hocks, Booted Bantams be available in a large range of shades, from pure white to the extra captivating Silver & Lemon Millefleur. These are also called white chickens with feathered feet.

2. Belgian d’Uccle

Grey Chickens With Feathered Feet

Not as well referred to as the bantam, the Belgian d’Uccle is “as sweet as Belgian chocolate.” Calm and charming, they make excellent pets as well as eye-catching companions with their wide range of colors and patterns.

While the Belgian d’Uccle won’t provide you with morning meal every morning, laying an average of 100 eggs per year, they will include a touch of style to your cage.

Easy to keep in addition to easy-going, the d’Uccle is a wonderful chicken for beginners and also make fantastic mothers with their normally broody propensities.

Being lighter than your typical hen. Belgian d’Uccles are outstanding leaflets so, if you’re considering obtaining a flock, you could intend to cover your hen run before they wind up all over the neighborhood.

3. Brahma white chickens with feathered feet

White Chickens With Feathered Feet

This American type “was the principal meat type in the US from the 1850s up until regarding 1930.”

Brahma poultries are very easy to maintain and easy on the eye with their pea combs and vulture hocks. The latter referring to the “cluster of tight plumes growing on the thighs of a domestic fowl as well as forecasting in reverse.”

Weighing as long as 17lb (8kg) while laying around 300 eggs each year, the Brahma is just one of the very best dual-purpose hens around, specifically for backyard poultry keepers.

Yet, wait a minute …

Do all Brahma have feathered feet?

Yes, both the dark as well as light variants sporting activity the famous foot feathering which, along with their sophisticated coloring, makes them look as though they’re using an intricate ball dress.

4. Cochin Grey Chickens With Feathered Feet

Originating in China, the Cochin was presented to North America in Europe in the 1840s to 1850s where it acquired instantaneous appeal as an event bird.

There are also some chickens with 5 toes and feathered feet you can get more info about them.

It shares some characteristics with the Brahma, which likewise came down from the so-called Shanghai birds of China.
Fun and friendly with comically fluffy feet, the Cochin is an additional dual-purpose bird, considering approximately 13 pound (6 kg) and producing between 150 to 160 eggs a year.

Types Of Chickens With Feathered Feet

With feathers all over, including their toes, Cochins can be tough to take care of, especially in sloppy conditions. On the bonus side, they do better in cold weather than almost any other feather-footed type and will also continue laying via a snow-capped winter months.

The Cochin is not a normally analytical bird as well as its hefty body avoids it from flying as conveniently as the Belgian d’Uccle, making it perfect as a backyard breed.

5. Faverolle Grey Chickens With Feathered Feet

The lesser-known Faverolle exposes its French origins in its fluffy muffs, bushy beard, and also feathery feet, none of which would certainly look out of location at the Paris Fashion Show.
Most typically white or salmon-pink, Faverolle can be found in a vast array of color ranges as well as patterns, bringing your yard to life with their vibrancy.

One more dual-purpose type, the Faverolle does too in an enclosure as it does free-ranging. They lay round about 180 eggs each year.

The Faverolle love humans as much as they enjoy an unexpected worm or a suitable dust bathroom on a warm day. As such, they make terrific family pets, particularly for children.

6. Langshan Black Chickens With Feathered Feet

Although there are currently a number of different types of Langshan. They’re all came down from the initial Croad Langshan. While not quite as fluffy-footed as the Brahma, these are also listed in B lack chickens with feathered feet list. The long-legged Langshan has a smattering of feathers on its shanks as well as external toes.

Black And White Chickens With Feathered Feet

A sturdy bird, the Langshan is an excellent meat bird, with the ability of providing plenty of white meat and also they make decent layers, creating as much as 220 eggs annually as well as laying throughout the winter.

They’re great foragers and great flyers so need a safe and secure coop to maintain them contained.

When seen in profile, the Langshan has a distinct “wine-glass shape” is one more factor to enjoy them!

7. Silkie Yellow Chickens With Feathered Feet

Yellow Chickens With Feathered Feet

Types of chickens with feathered feet where we can list them like

One of the globe’s favorite chicken types, the popular Silkie is distinct by looking, fundamentally, like a cosy chicken round.

Although little in stature, Silkies make a big influence with their fashionable hats and also huge sandals. As one of the oldest types of chicken on the planet. Silkie has actually been around since the 13th century as well as, instead properly, took a trip to the West using the Silk Path.

Named for its plumage, “which is claimed to seem like silk and also satin,” the diminutive Silkie weighs less than two pounds (1kg), making it impractical as a meat bird, and also lays simply 100 eggs a year.

To put it simply, it’s very little helpful for anything except taking a look at as well as cuddling.

However, Silkies make fantastic animals and also fashion devices, according to some celebrities! They also have a remarkably lengthy life-span, measuring up to 8 or nine years old.

8. Sultan Chickens With Feathered Feet Breed

This striking type of chicken came from Turkey, which doesn’t seem right whatsoever. It didn’t take wish for it to take a trip the world, however, arriving in England in 1854 and also the US in 1867.

The name is directly originated from the Turkish title, Serai-Tavuk, implying “fowls of the Sultan.”

One of the tiniest of the large-breed hens, the Sultan is mostly decorative, laying simply 50 eggs annually as well as expanding to an optimum weight of around 6lb (2.75 kg). They are amusing birds, nevertheless, with calmness, pleasant personalities.

These durable birds are simple to keep and do well in confined areas. Their fluffy feathers give ideal hiding places for fleas, lice, as well as other outside parasites.

Various Other Chickens Breed

While not a type in itself, if you want a giggle, you must obtain a frizzle!

Frizzle chickens are a range of hen that have a wealth of frizzled plumes and fluffed up feet. You can get frizzled Cochins, frizzled Pekins, as well as even frizzled Polish poultries.

Frizzling takes place when the plumes crinkle outside as well as higher instead of lying flat against the body and is the result of “an incomplete leading gene”.

Obtain a frizzled Japanese bantam chickens with feathered feet and reproduce it with a Silkie. The next thing you know, you’ll have on your own a Sizzle!

Why Do Chickens Have Plumes On Their Feet?


There is no clinical description for why some chickens have plumes on their feet when others do not. In fact, “apart from looks, feathered feet don’t provide any type of added benefits. Although it would be truly trendy if it offered the ability to stroll on water like the basilisk reptile.

Foot Feather Issues as well as How to Take care of Them.

Black And White Chickens With Feathered Feet

Fluffy-footed hens are attractive as well as fun, however they do feature their very own set of problems. As we mentioned previously, poultries with feathers on their feet do not do so well in sloppy problems. They move that mud to their nests, and also their eggs, making them “susceptible to bacterial infection”.

To prevent this, offer your chickens a dry run as well as lots of bed linen.

Poultries with feathered feet are also extra prone to flaky leg termites. As the feathers arise from underneath the leg scales. They give termites an excellent access point and very easy setting in which to prosper.

Dealing with flaky leg termites isn’t complicated on a normal chicken.

Chickens Guide and Caretaking them

Although a lot of the feather-leg types cope well in cold weather. They are much more prone to frostbite than the naked-legged varieties. Counterintuitive though that might appear. If your poultries have a damp or snowy run or mud ingrained in their legs plumes, that can ice up tough and trigger frostbite issues.

None of these issues is especially major and also numerous feather-legged hens are still considered easy caretakers, despite having these issues.

A little additional vigilance and devotion will go a long way towards keeping your poultries comfortable. Anyhow, what’s a couple of niggles when you’ve got frizzles and also giggles to offset them?

Fluffy-Footed Feathered Pals.

Fluffy-footed chickens do not simply look cool, most of them have quite trendy habits too. Whether you opt for a child-friendly Faverolle or a dual-purpose Brahma. Those feathered feet will certainly transform a few heads as well as add a comic component to your backyard flock.

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