Do cats Kill chickens, In our family members loaded with young boys, we have always loved having actually tamed animals around the house.
Our cats like to be outdoors and sometimes we discover them tracking around our chicken area, though they commonly leave our hens alone.
This got me believing, what do I need to do to maintain my chickens risk-free from roaming or other outside cats?
Pet cats usually will leave your completely grown hens alone, since adult hens are the same size, if not bigger, than felines. Nonetheless, cats will certainly go after chicks or teenage poultries if unguarded including eating eggs.

Do Cats Kill Chickens Right here are 5 ways you can keep your chicks and teenage chickens risk-free from pet cats.

Do Cats Kill Chickens Get a rooster to Save them

Check your city statutes and see to it enables fowls.
If you reside in the nation, you are most likely fine, but if you reside in a bigger city, there might be a statute against having fowls.
Where people live close together, you may rage neighbors by earning a noisy rooster.
Make certain to talk to your next-door neighbors and get their thoughts prior to making the purchase.
If you reside in the nation, there most likely is not a city ordinance against roosters, however check it out just to make sure.
You will likewise want to take into consideration just how close your poultries are to your home.
Roosters will make sounds in the morning, so if they are also close to your residence, you might be awakening earlier than you wish to.
An option to avoid this is have your poultry area better away from your residence, however after that it is harder for you to watch on them.

Fowls are not needed for egg production, yet they are great guards of your hens.
A rooster will certainly challenge any animals that come near your hens, even if it suggests the death of your fowl.
The fowl can additionally herd your chickens with each other, making them simpler to safeguard from any type of killer.

Some good rooster breeds for protection are the following

While roosters are securing your chickens, they could also see kids as risks, so ensure your youngsters recognize how to secure themselves incase a fowl makes a decision to assault them.

Obtain a farm dog

Just like how your dog safeguards your residence against the delivery guy, a farm canine will certainly additionally secure your chickens against predators.

Here are some of the best dog breeds to protect your chickens

  • Great Pyrenees
  • Sheep dog
  • Kangal

If you decide on the alternative of using a pet to secure your poultries as well as chicks, step very carefully.
Pets require to be educated as well as on a regular basis kept track of to see to it they are not hurting the chickens
If your ranch pet assaults a chicken, they require to be reprimanded immediately.
Or else, your canine will certainly assume it is a game and remain to assault the hens.
We have had several of the sweetest pet dogs ever, once a chicken went out as well as one of our pet dogs went promptly to work.
The poultry barely had time to assume.

Invest in some quality fencing

When it comes to protecting your chickens with fencing, there are two viable options:

Both have their pros and cons

Chicken Run


  • Keeps your poultries totally enclosed as well as risk-free from killers
  • Usually includes perches and walks, so you don’t need to purchase anything added
  • Mobile runs allow you to move the poultries around the lawn with little effort


Chicken fencing


  • Installing fence gives your poultries a lot of room to walk around
  • Fencing is usually quite low-cost. You can find welded cord fencing at your local hardware shop. A 5 foot high, 50 foot long fence is around $70 at Home Depot as well as will provide you 156 1/4 square feet of insurance coverage, or 625 square feet of protection if you establish it up behind-the-scenes of your yard that already has fencings.
  • Do not neglect to buy some T-posts for every 4-5 feet of fencing.


  • You will desire a place for your hens to roost, so you will certainly need to purchase or construct a poultry coop. A stroll in chicken cage can be as much as $1,000.

Felines come to be a fear if your hens are not completely enclosed, so obtaining some great secure fencing will certainly assist maintain your poultries safe.
A pet cat can lift to 5 feet, so if you are stressed over them getting your chickens, a fence 5 feet or even more will certainly work.
If you wish to protect your poultries and chicks from other predators along with cats, obtain a 6 foot fencing and also bury a minimum of 6 inches of it into the ground.

Did you get your answer about Do Cats Kill Chickens.

This will help protect versus various other predators that could attempt to dig under the fencing.
Also, make certain that the fence you hide is dealing with outwards below ground to inhibit miners.
In addition to keeping pet cats as well as other killers OUT, you also wish to take into consideration keeping your poultries IN.
Light-weight breed hens can jump upwards of 6 feet, so clipping the chickens’ wings must additionally be an alternative.

Cover your brooder

We have actually utilized cardboard boxes for brooders, but with felines that just will refrain from doing. You will want to acquire a hen brooder.
Most chick brooders have an opening at the top that enables you to execute daily examine the chicks.
The opening is likewise made use of for a warmth lamp, which you require when the chicks are really young considering that they can not manage their temperature level by themselves.

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