The Dominique chicken is another user of the fashionable black and white barred feather pattern.
They are among the oldest poultry types around as well as have been kept in the United States given that the 1800s.
If you stay in a chillier climate as well as are searching for a dependable egg layer then look no further. Dominiques are additionally exceptional moms and also are ideal if you wish to hatch your very own chick from eggs.
Maintain checking out to discover all about the Dominique and just how to take care of this breed.

Dominique Chicken Breed

Dominique Chicken Breed Review

They are perfect for newbie hen caretakers and also for those that do not intend to invest a lot of money on Dominique Chicken. This type is additionally outstanding for garden enthusiasts as Dominiques like to consume pests that eat typical yard plants.
She has a calm temperament although they can be hostile when they feel threatened.
With human beings they will constantly preserve their calmness.
These chickens have slim black and white bars on their feathers there are nothing else color selections for this type.
You can expect this little hen to lay around four brown eggs a week.
They tend to be broody and are recognized to be outstanding moms.
Due to their tranquil personality this type is excellent with children and other family pets in the family.
In general the Dominique is excellent if you are trying to find a high performance and classy twin function hen.

Beginner Friendly: Yes.
Lifespan: 8+ years.
Weight: Hens (5lb) Roosters (7lb).
Color: Black and white stripes.
Egg Production: 4 per week.
Egg Color: Brown.
Known For Broodiness: Yes.
Good With Children: Yes.
Cost of Dominique Chicken: $3-4 per chick.

Why We Love This Type

  • Dominiques have a calm personality which makes them best household pet dogs.
  • They are a very reduced upkeep type.
  • Since they are quiet they are suitable for both rural as well as suburban areas.
  • Their gorgeous black and white barred quill is very fashionable as well as attractive.
  • She is a dual function type that is a trustworthy egg layer.

Look Of Dominique Chicken Breed

Dominique Chicken Egg Color

The Dominique chicken is typically puzzled with the Plymouth Rock.

Upon a fast glimpse it is easy to see why.
They both sport the famous black and white disallowed pattern.
One of the most exact way of telling both types apart is by checking out their combs.
Dominiques have a flatter increased comb whereas Plymouth Rocks have an upright comb.
One more way to tell the Dominique and Plymouth Rock apart is their prevented pattern– nevertheless this is harder to place. The Plymouth Rock’s barred patterning is very crisp as well as real black/white while the Dominique has a more jagged pattern with much less contrast between the black and white shades.
Dominiques are medium sized hens.
Their comb, wattles and earlobes are all red– they will have brief and also yellow beaks as well.
This is a yellow skined bird that is understood for their featherless legs.

Size and also Weight of Dominique Chicken

This is a medium sized chicken.
Hens will certainly consider around 5 extra pounds and roosters will certainly evaluate around 7 pounds.
You can even discover bantam dimensions with chickens considering 24 ounces as well as roosters considering 28 ounces.


Dominique poultries wear black and white stripes (or bars) on their feathers.
In the United States there are no other identified color selections apart from the black and white prevented pattern.

What Is It Like To Own A Dominique Poultry?

Dominique Chicken For Sale

Dominiques are very reduced upkeep– this makes them an excellent bird for very first time poultry caretakers.

This breed delights in searching the areas as well as ground for pests as well as plants to satisfy their appetite. This suggests they will certainly consume much less feed than the typical hen making them excellent for poultry proprietors on a spending plan.

You will certainly often find them foraging from dawn until sundown.

It will be unusual to locate your Dominique sick. They are very durable hens and can flourish in both cozy as well as cool environments.
She has an exceptional personality, like Aficionado Orpingtons.
They are calm as well as genteel and also are constantly well behaved with their proprietors.
As a result of their calm personality, Dominiques are outstanding with households with children and also various other family pets.

Dominiques are known to be a really tranquil breed.

It is just one of the breed’s best qualities as well as a significant reason that individuals intend to keep this chicken.
Remember that much like several other breeds the fowls can be hostile and also might combat various other fowls as well as hens if they really feel threatened.

As long as you offer your Dominique chickens enough room to stroll they will be effectively fed and satisfied with their diet plan.
Although they love to forage you need to still give them with routine chicken feed to supplement their diet.

Nevertheless regardless of the possible hostility to other fowls and also chickens, Dominique hens are calm with their proprietors.
Chicks in particular are extremely friendly as well as will certainly like to run up to your feet.

Dominique Chicken Egg Color And Egg Production

They are recognized for being fairly good egg layers and also one of the very best egg laying types.
Dominique Chickens will lay around 4 eggs a week.
You can expect these eggs to get somewhat bigger as the hen ages and also expands larger.

Egg Production
Eggs Per Week: 4+ Eggs
Color: Brown
Size: Medium

Sound Degrees

As long as your Dominiques are maintained satisfied and healthy, they will not make excessive noise.
Make certain to allow them roam as well as forage for their food.

Truths Concerning This Type

They are likewise recognized by different names such as the Dominicker as well as Pilgrim Chicken.
Dominiques are among the earliest chicken breeds in America.
As a result of their increased comb and feathers they are chilly sturdy.
She is a flexible and also twin purpose hen that can lay great deals of eggs.
Historically their feathers were utilized in pillow cases.
The name Dominique is of French origin.

Dominique Chicken Care Guide

Health and wellness Issues

Dominickers are a relatively healthy and balanced breed without any recognized details health and wellness issues to watch out for. It is relatively easy to look after these self reliant hens.
Nevertheless just like other poultry types, care must be taken to avoid or treat any type of bloodsuckers and also insects.
Feeding a Dominique is a lot easier than a lot of various other types.
They invest a great deal of their time foraging for food– they are natural foragers and prefer to consume things they discover over basic chicken feed.
Most of their diet plan will contain berries, bugs and also other things they discover outdoors (they are also wonderful for gardens considering that they eat parasites). Considering that they do not eat as much feed as the typical chicken they are also less expensive to keep.

Remember to utilize an excellent quality chicken feed that pleases all of their nutritional requirements. You have the choice of complimentary feeding or arranged feeding times (Dominiques will be happy with both).
Lastly you will certainly need to make certain that they have accessibility to fresh, clean drinking water whatsoever times.
Cage Setup

Dominique Chicken Coop

Inside the cage your Dominiques will certainly each require at the very least 3 square feet of room. Of course the more room you can provide the happier and better off they will certainly be.
They will certainly also need nesting boxes that measure 12 × 12 inches.
A simple hen coop without unique needs will certainly suffice.
The most vital part of establishing their cage is their enclosed run and also roaming area.
Run and Roaming
As pointed out prior to the Dominique is an excellent forager.
Consequently it is very crucial that their confined run has sufficient space for them to wander around as well as forage.

The space guidelines for a poultry is eight square feet of room per chicken inside their confined run.
Alternatively you might keep them in a smaller coop without an enclosed run yet let them out throughout the day.
You will certainly require to be careful of predators.
Make sure that you watch out throughout the day for any indications of risk. Additionally bear in mind to lock up the coop prior to it obtains too late to make sure that your hens are risk-free from predators at nighttime.
Dominique Type History

Historically, this type of poultry is first in the United States.
Dominique hens, as well as Pilgrim chicken, were their names and normal descriptions. This is because some individuals thought that at one point the explorers brought the poultries to the nation.
There seems to be a connection between Dominicans and the people of San Domingo or Saint Domingue.
As time went on, numerous different kinds of birds have been bred and crossed with the Dominique breed.

Dominique Chicken Similar as Plymouth Rock

As you might have observed the Dominique as well as the Plymouth Rock are noticeably similar in look.
A rose comb would certainly show Dominiques apart, according to New York City Fowl in 1870. This made it considerably much easier to separate the two. Last but not least, there were specific guidelines for deciding which breed is which.
Plymouth Rocks are birds with an upright comb.
Sadly after their popularity boom in 1875 they started to fall in popularity due to the enhanced passion in the Plymouth Rock.

There were just four Dominique chickens reported in 1970 on the grounds that the circumstance turned out to be so critical. We talked to flock owners and started a type rescue program to prevent the termination of this type. Fortunately they concurred as well as the Dominique breed slowly started to restore itself.

Summary For Dominique Chicken Breed

They are perfect for the first time hen keepers due to how easy they make keeping poultry.
In addition to their low maintenance, these plants make it easier for them to lay eggs and they also grow rapidly.
Dominiques like to roam as well as forage for their food. Any person maintaining this breed should offer them with lots of area so they can forage and locate their own food (these treats will certainly make up most of their diet).
If you are searching for a new member to include in your group then the Dominique hen may be the type for you.
Plus, exactly how could you resist that charming increased comb?

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