It took me a while to prepare myself to hear these words from my son, who is eight years old. He has a closet full of colorful plastic blocks, but he is addicted to the 3-D world on his phone.
The boy has made rapid progress from “baby” apps like Angry Birds to more challenging applications. like Minecraft, where he can dig for gold, build shelters, and fight zombies at night.
I can’t believe how fast they grow up! However, it’s not all fun and games. The more I watch him explore this new universe, the more I like it. Minecraft contains lessons that can help everyone-especially us entrepreneurs. It does not have a rulebook. It’s fascinating about Minecraft that there are no rules.
Each player is unique in their approach, execution, and experience, just as they are in business. According to the Minecraft website, the entire game will take place in the future. We’re going to see a lot more.” In short, just like an entrepreneur, the game is always evolving.
Work on cutting (ahem) and don’t stop. In Minecraft, everything from doors to tools needs wood, so having enough wood is vital. If you have ample wood stacked up, it’s tempting to take a break from chopping. However, you need to carefully consider your future needs.
Entrepreneurs must follow the same rule. Although your business might be thriving today, keep focused on the long-term plan for ultimate survival.
Keep those saplings in the ground to keep yourself in the game. Choosing the right tools is important.
Axes, shovels, and carrots on a stick are among the Minecraft tools that will help you shear sheep, chop pumpkins, and accomplish other tasks. The tools you build must have certain ingredients to be successful, just like in business. The advantage of Minecraft when it comes to tools is that you can repair them.
Entrepreneurs often don’t have a second chance, so craft carefully. If you have shears, don’t kill sheep. They don’t have the smartest abilities in the game, but they provide an essential characteristic – wool. (for example, to make a bed, a necessity for rest and regeneration).
The best way to get wool might seem to be to kill a sheep, but you will only get one full block. With shears, you can shear a sheep and get up to three blocks of wool. Many times, we seek quick fixes or shortcuts Minecraft, but patience and proper planning can be more effective in the long run. You should build a secret door in multiplayer Minecraft so nobody knows where you live (and therefore can’t rob you or harm you).
You can cover an entrance with grass to hide it from outsiders, for example, if you build a simple (secret) door through a hole in the ground. It takes a lot of forethought to create a secret door for your business. If your business is unrepairable, you’d better have a way to escape and find your backup plan.
My son mostly plays Minecraft’s Creative mode, building his own little world. He ventures into the Survival mode only with the supervision of his dad (where mobs are defeated).
This game continues to amaze me because it’s not like a game at all, but rather an ongoing experience. In this quest for survival, you build, learn, and build some more-and sometimes zombies catch you.

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