Easter Egger Chicken are not a type per se, but a range of chicken that does not conform to any type of breed criterion yet lays huge to additional huge eggs that differ in shade from blue to eco-friendly to olive to aqua and sometimes even pinkish. Easter Egger Chicken vary widely in shade as well as conformation and are incredibly friendly as well as durable. Given that they are typically quite friendly to children as well as people in general, they are an excellent choice for a family members group. A lot of breeding grounds incorrectly identify their Easter Eggers as Ameraucanas or Araucanas. True Ameraucanas as well as Araucanas are only available through breeders. Easter Eggers don’t conform to a breed standard, they cannot be certified as revealed.

The Easter Egger Chicken has actually become a backyard preferred across America. With its cute looks and vibrant individuality, what’s not to like?

Easter Eggers can lay eggs of different colors, as well as their quills can also appear in different colors.

Background as well as History of Easter Eggers

Easter Egger

These adorable ‘dogs’ were created when people began crossing Araucana or Ameraucanas with various other breeds.

The results of these crossings caused multi-colored eggs as well as an adorable-looking bird!

As we know, the Araucana as well as Ameraucana both possess the gene for laying blue eggs. A type that lays brown eggs is crossed with an Araucana or Ameraucana, the result is a green/olive-colored egg.

Easter Eggers have been around for quite a while now and also have shed none of their appeal; actually, they are coming to be a lot more preferred for yard chicken folks as a result of their colored eggs and their low-maintenance way of living.

Meet the Parents
We can’t be entirely certain who their parents are. Nonetheless, it is widely accepted that the moms and dads are Araucana and also Ameraucana.

The original Araucanas were offered the US from Chile, South America, in the 1930s. They are rumpless birds which indicates they have no tail as well as no coccyx.

They have ear ‘tufts’ and a pea comb. The ear tuft gene can be dangerous to the embryos. If both parent birds have it, the majority of the chicks will certainly pass away in the covering, for this reason their rarity. They are in fact a mix of Collonca as well as Quetros hens from the area where they were first located and bring the dominant blue genetics for eggs.


They were established to the dog breeders’ preference, and so a standard was released.

They were bred to preserve heaven gene for eggs but eliminate the parents’ deadly gene, which created ear tufts.

Look of Easter Egger Chickens

The Easter Egger Chickens can literally be a variety of features. They can have any kind of comb, with solitary and pea being one of the most usual (depends upon their moms and dads).

Their ear lobes can be any color but are normally red or white, and periodically a bird will certainly have ear tufts. The wattles on both sexes are red but little.

Easter Egger

Face functions can consist of all, some or no muffs and/or beards, giving them a look that some people call chipmunk-ish.

They generally have a tail, however as a result of the Araucana genes, some birds might be rumpless.

The legs are typically clean, and the shanks can be any type of shade, from yellow to slate blue/green. The foot has four toes, and the footpad, like the shanks, can be any color.

It’s truly not possible to provide a ‘real’ coloration of Easter Egger. Their plumes can be found in solid colors, patterns, and dashes of any type of color. It depends on what tuft the parent birds had and also which of those shades come to be genetically dominant.

They are small for a common chicken, with the young boys evaluating around 5lb and the girls 4lb.

As the Easter Egger is a crossbreed, there is no set requirement for them.

Why Do Easter Eggers Lay Blue Eggs?

We located that specific breeds (Araucana, Dongxiang, and also Lushi) had actually been infected with a retrovirus that had actually inserted itself right into the poultry’s DNA.

The gene in charge of this blue coloration is called oocyan, and also the pigment that colors the egg is made from a liver pigment called oocyanin.

The huge difference in between colored and also blue eggs is that heaven shade permeates with the covering, blue inside and out. Brown or colored eggs are created when a ‘dye’ called protoporphyrin is laid onto the shell. That’s why when you intensely clean a brownish egg, you can sometimes take the pigment off!

Easter Egger Disposition

A bright, outbound personality would possibly best define them. They are friendly, curious, and also mild. Egger’s aren’t bully birds and may get badgered by more assertive breeds, so keep a mindful eye on them with others.

They would be most appropriate with relaxed non-aggressive types like Salmon Faverolles or Cochins.

Easter Egger’s are not timid as well as typically approach humans seeking treats or some lap time. They are great with children, as well as the kids love them right back for their individuality and also vibrant eggs.

Egg Laying and also Broodiness

Easter Egger Chickens

They are excellent layers, producing 4 big eggs weekly (that remains in the variety of 200 annually).

You should know that whatever color eggs the chicken lays will be the only shade she lays– they don’t do rainbow assortments. You are most likely to get a great variety of shades in your egg box.

They hardly ever go broody, so they devote the majority of their time to laying those fantastic eggs.

Health and wellness Issues of Easter Egger Chicken

They are healthy as well as vigorous birds. No specific health concerns are apart from the typical problems with parasites, specifically birds with beards and muffs.

Is The Easter Egger Right For You?

If you desire pleasant chickens as well as colorful eggs, look no more than the Easter Egger Chicken. They may not have a ‘pedigree,’ yet they certainly make up for it in numerous various other methods.

Easter Egger’s are wonderful birds, each with their own specific looks and individuality. They aren’t a noisy bird so shouldn’t create issues with the neighbors.

If you let them free-range, they will certainly supplement their diet regimen quite handsomely, lowering your feed expense slightly!

They are sturdy to both cold and heat. Until they can tolerate different atmospheres as long as they needs (food, water, and also shelter).

Summary for Easter Egger Chicken

Chick period is virtually upon us, and also as you can over all those fluffy little peeps, you may stumble upon some classified as Americanas Easter Egger Rooster.

Real Araucanas or Ameraucanas will rarely, if ever, be located in a feed store, and they most absolutely will set you back a whole lot greater than $5.00.

These birds are low upkeep and will certainly settle you handsomely with beautiful eggs. They are fairly amazing in that they have established a nearly cult-like complying with in spite of not being ‘pedigrees’!

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