Golden Comet Chicken Breed Complete Care Guide

The Golden Comet chicken is just one of the extra recent crossbreed chickens that has been reproduced for great Egg Manufacturing.

History of Golden Comets

Flock of Golden Comet chickens

The Golden Comet is a sex-linked hen. A sex link is not a ‘type’ in truth sense of words. It is a cross-breed or ‘hybrid’ chicken. This is an essential distinction, as you will see.

If you mate a pure type chicken with its’ own kind, the chicks will certainly look the like their parents.

A sex web link hen is a sex-able bird at hatching; that means it’s very easy to inform the men from the women.

This is a helpful attribute for us breeding grounds, as it indicates that the hens can be retained for laying, as well as the men are however gotten rid of.

If you live in an area where you are not enabled roosters, sex link poultries are the very best wager for having all girls with no ‘oops’ in the pack.

The gold comet poultry results from a breeding in between a New Hampshire rooster as well as a White Rock hen.

There are several red sex link hybrids:

  • Gold Sex Link
  • Golden Buff
  • Red Star
  • Cinnamon Queen

In some cases all or some of these names are used reciprocally, perplexes individuals, and specific breeding grounds might have a different name for their ‘line’ of sex link birds.

Appearance About Golden Comet Chicken Breed

The Golden Comet is typically a light/medium reddish-brown, potentially flecked with some white feathers. It’s really fairly a tiny bird for a typical hen, with ladies evaluating around 4lb and also men weighing in at 6lb.

They have a solitary upright comb– comb and wattles being red in color.

The beak is a yellow/brown color, and also the eyes are yellow. Legs are likewise yellow, as well as the bird has four toes on each foot.

The gold comet chicken hen body is an upside down triangular form with a ‘U’ shape in between the head as well as tail which is held quite high, virtually vertical.


Breed Standard

As a crossbreed, there is no common collection for this bird.

Egg Laying and Broodiness

Golden Comet

Golden Comet chickens outstanding layers of tool to large brownish eggs.

They can lay from 5-6 eggs each week which puts them on a par with the Rhode Island Red hen.

They can produce a tremendous 330 eggs each year– that’s virtually an egg on a daily basis!

True to their track record for manufacturing, these girls can begin laying at 16 weeks and continue to be really effective approximately around the two-year mark.

Afterwards, egg manufacturing will hand over visibly.

They will hardly ever go broody — it has been reproduced out of them, so if you want to hatch some chicks, you will certainly need to fire up the incubator.

This is where the ‘hybrid’ part becomes essential.

You will not get a Golden Comet hen from Golden Comet hens, as well as the spawn will crossbreed.

Bear in mind, the original pairing was a New Hampshire rooster over a White Rock chicken. If you intend to ‘produce’ a Golden Comet, this is the pairing you need.

Effectively, to keep your flock of you require a group of White Rocks and also a number of New Hampshire roosters.

Golden Comet Chicken

about 330 per year

Egg-Laying Age

Can start laying eggs at about 16 weeks



Beginner Friendly



4-5 years


Hen: 4lb; Rooster 6lb

Good for Children



The Golden Comet poultry is described as a personable and also curious hen, is extremely mellow, and does not mind being gotten by individuals.

In fact, some individuals say the Golden Comet chicken type really seeks people over its’ very own flock mates.

They are durable, tolerating a variety of temperature levels. Similar to most solitary comb chickens, keep an eye open for frostbitten combs if it is freezing where you live.

They easily become family members animals as they are so friendly as well as gentle. In a flock circumstance, they are peaceful participants.

They do not like any squabbling or pecking typically as well as will certainly move away from the mischief-maker if they can.

They are better to keep with breeds that are tranquil and also non-aggressive as this will avoid them being badgered. Ideal breeds to combine with would be Cochins, Plymouth Rocks, Faverolles, or Orpingtons.

Health Issues and Welfare

A Golden Comet chicken need to not have any type of genuine problems in her initial 3 years apart from the usual possibilities of worms, lice, mites, etc.

As they were reproduced to keep a high production rate, their life-span is normally much shorter (normally less than 4 to 5 years).

Similar to all high manufacturing hens, they usually succumb to reproductive lumps, egg yolk peritonitis, or various other reproductive concerns.

Is the Golden Comet Chicken Right For You?

If you desire chickens that will create a wealth of eggs for your family members, look no more than the Golden Comet.

She has a prolific output and also lays extremely early. The downside to that is after 3 years, you will certainly require to replace the group with brand-new ladies if you want to maintain egg production.

The Golden Comet chicken is fantastic for children; they are mild, take pleasure in people, as well as aren’t easily ‘rattled’ in the majority of circumstances. They appear to take every little thing in their stride.

Golden Comets are additionally excellent for a 4H task or a poultry newbie as they are a quite low-maintenance bird that can be virtually self-dependent.

They endure arrest well, but if permitted to free-range, they are good little foragers.

Why This Chicken Is Right for You

  • Great egg-laying hen

  • The hens start laying eggs very early

  • This chicken gets along with other chickens

  • This chicken is friendly with people and kids picking them up

  • They don’t really have many illnesses the first 3 years as long as you monitor lice/mites


Hybrid hens such as the Golden Comet are great birds for a little yard as they occupy reasonably little room, they aren’t particularly noisy, as well as they are egg-laying dynamos!

As you may think of, two or 3 years of rather consistent egg-laying take a toll on their bodies which is why they do not typically live to ‘aging.

In a commercial setting, dog breeders would change these hens after 2 years optimum.

Golden Comet chicken hens are the ones that people obtain when they rescue hens.

They do take place to ‘bulge’ those eggs for an additional year or so typically, but not as prolifically as before. Folks that have actually rescued them claim they are wonderful and also pleasurable birds to have around your backyard.

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