Are you questioning what you should and should not feed your Kunekune Pig?
I have actually raised KuneKune Pig for several years as well as one of the very best components.

If you have ever listened to the phrase “slop the hogs” its due to the fact that pigs enjoy eating leftovers as well as food scraps.
There are just a few points that I will certainly never ever feed my KuneKunes and points. I have actually discovered that they don’t like.

So allows review what Kunekune Pig can and also need to not eat.

Kune Kunes are omnivores indicating like people their diet can consist of plants and also meat. Unlike industrial pigs, Kune Kunes needs less than 16% protein to be healthy. They thrive on a diet plan of grass, fruit, grains, nuts, and also vegetables. Kune Kunes can be fed meat and various other pet products yet shouldn’t be fed pork.
Let’s take a deeper look at what you can feed your Kune Kunes to keep them healthy and balanced and thriving.

Do Kune Pigs Consume Yard Or Hay?

One of the largest factors I determined to start increasing KuneKunes was due to the fact that the majority of their diet regimen can be made up of lawn and hay.
The very best component is considering that they have upturned noses they won’t root up your lawn or field.
A majority of KuneKunes diet is composed of grass and also fresh environment-friendlies.
In the springtime, summer and fall they will certainly eat great deals of fresh yard or field as well as durning the winter months time they can eat grass hay or alfalfa hay.
It was unexpected when we first obtained our Kune Kunes to see how much grass they consume.
They would spend quite a bit of time grazing on our back yard consuming great deals of grass.
Looking at their droppings they would certainly be somewhat eco-friendly as well as you can see plenty of digested yard.
One year we got a bunch of moldy hay that we were going to make use of to mulch our garden.
When the ground defrosted we discovered that they had actually eaten most of they hay.
They avoided the moldy hay as well as located the hay that was still environment-friendly.
Allowing your Kune forage on your yard or pasture will certainly maintain them healthy and satisfied and also in the winter season it is excellent to feed them hay.

What Veggies Can Kune Pigs Consume?

We do not ever before throw out any food scraps anymore.
Everything enters a stainless steel fade that we take out to our KuneKunes every day.
A lot of those food scraps include various veggie peels and also leftovers our kids didn’t finish.

Veggies Can Kune Pigs

KuneKunes can eat all veggies consisting of, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, and also lettuce. They require much less healthy protein than various other pig breeds so even more of their diet regimen can be composed mostly of veggies, grains as well as yard. They do not such as onion skins.
We have actually fed our KuneKunes all type of vegetable scraps.

Celery finishes, potatoes peels off, cucumbers, and bad lettuce are all veggies we have fed our Kune Kunes and also they actually pig out.
Feel free to feed them any type of and all veggies due to the fact that they will enjoy it.
Once among our Kune Kunes entered our garden and also ate a number our wintertime squash and also pumpkins.
As aggravating as that was I rejoice our Kune got a healthy and balanced treat.

What I Feed My Kune Kunes

Kune Kunes are really basic to feed.
I such as to do it as economical as feasible while still keeping them healthy.
I allow my Kune Kunes consume all the grass or field they want.
Before I had my farm they would graze our grass as well as since we have pasture they love getting the selection of greens a pasture supplies.

In the winter I will give them some turf or alfalfa hay.
Next, we maintain all of our food scraps.
We throw every little thing in their except pork and also pork bones and egg shells.
They can possibly consume eggshells however we placed those in our yard or feed them back to our hens rather.
Depending on how much scraps your household creates.
While I have actually seen my Kune Kunes do not like onion peels as well as orange peels I still throw them in the pale.
They will certainly select through as well as not eat them.
Lastly, I feed my Kune Kunes 1 to 2 cups each of 18% protein chicken feed.

I acquire this feed in bulk.

You can buy tiny pig feed however it is rather pricey and also not truly essential if you are giving them table scraps as well as grass.

The chicken feed has a variety of vitamins and minerals that sees to it they are obtaining all the nutrients they need.

Can you KuneKunes Eat Meat And Also Eggs?

Often our table scraps will certainly likewise consist of meat scraps and also hen bones.
kunekune pig meat are omnivores which means they can eat meat and also plants. While meat shouldn’t be most of their diet they can eat, beef, hen, fish, as well as other meat and also pet products like eggs. The only meat I do not feed my Kunekune Pig is pork.

kunekune pig meat
I have actually learned from experience that KuneKunes can consume whole poultries and also like it.
I uncovered this since a lot of my neighbors offered me their old chickens who had quit laying eggs.
It was wintertime and I had the Kune Kunes and also chickens together prepping my yard.

Given that the hens were old some would certainly die as well as I noticed my Kune would after that consume them.
Only the dead ones never ever the alive ones. So don’t worry.

What to Feed to Kunekune Pig

Ever since after that whenever I have located a dead chicken I will certainly feed it to the Kune plumes bones and all. All that is left is a couple of plumes.
Rather than feeding my canine chicken bones currently, we feed them to our Kune Kunes and also they enjoy them.
Kune Kunes can most likely consume pork however I figured it is not great to have them engage in cannibalism I am sure in the wild if there was a dead pig they would certainly have not a problem eating it.
Kune Kunes like eggs.

I discovered that my baby kunekune pigs were getting fatter than regular.
My hens’ egg production likewise considerably went down.
I really did not put it with each other up until later yet my infant Kune Kunes were entering the chicken cage and also eating all the eggs that were laid on the ground.
I found out how they were entering the coop and that cured their egg dependency.
Recently we noticed that our geese had actually been resting on their nest of eggs rather long.
It had been well past the moment they should have hatched out.
When we inspected they were all rotten.

What do you finish with 30 rotten goose eggs?

Feed them to your Kune Kunes certainly.
We with them over the fence and they made a feast for our pigs.
Maui our KuneKune birthed went to eat a goose egg that really did not stand out and also when he took a bit it popped in his mouth.
It terrified him pretty negative and he ran back into the barn until he understood he had not been in danger anymore.
It was humorous.

Can Kunekune Pigs Eat Bread?

Growing up one of things my dad would do to balance out the price of increasing pigs was go get old bread and also breads from the store free of charge.
Kune Kunes can consume all bread items and also other grains. Bread has great nutrition for Kune Kunes. Instead of throwing out moldy bread or bread scraps feed them to your Kune Kunes.
As long as I dislike tossing out bread it is good to understand that our Kune Kunes will extensively appreciate it.

Kunekune Pigs Eat

Can Kune Pigs Eat Fruit Kunekune Pig Feeding Chart?

Since we feed our Kunekune Pig feeding chart scraps they usually get fruit. I have actually never seen them not eat fruit when provided to them.
Kune Kune pigs will eat all kinds of fruit consisting of strawberries, banana peels, apples and peels, oranges, berries, apricots, peaches, and also pears. Fruit should not make up most of their diet yet ought to additionally include grains as well as lawns.
I have observed that Kune Kunes don’t such as citrus peels.
They will certainly eat oranges and various other citrus when the fruit is included. However they will often leave just the peels remaining.

Every winter season we most likely to Arizona as well as pick boxes and also boxes of citrus including oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

We feed the kunekunes all the rotten ones and all the peels.
They will consume them but they don’t prefer them.
They simulate clementine peels off probably because they aren’t as bitter.
Growing up we would supplement our pig feed with fruit that fell to the ground as well as spoiled from our fruit trees.

If you have your very own fruit trees letting your Kune Kunes tidy up the mess that it makes is an excellent idea. By doing this you don’t need to pick it up yourself.
Once I fed my pig a fifty percent of watermelon it was charming viewing her eat it in pleasure.

Can Kune Kunes Eat Acorns?

One time my backyard entrance was left open and when we figured out our pig was gone. We located her at our neighbor’s house consuming acorns.
Kune Kunes like various other pig breeds natural environment is woodland. Tree nuts like acorns made up a big part of their diet plans. Kune Kunes love eating acorns as well as while they are toxic to human beings. Without being effectively refined pigs can consume and also digest them fine.

Kune Kunes Eat Acorns
Consuming acorns and also various other dropped tree nuts is a very all-natural thing for Kunekune Pig to consume.
As soon as my pig found those acorns at my next-door neighbors every single time she got out I recognized specifically where to discover her.

I would commonly obtain handfuls and also bring them back to her as deals with.
If you have nut trees consider on your own fortunate due to the fact that your Kunekune Pig will certainly love cleaning it up.

You need to currently have a respectable concept of what you ought to as well as should not feed your KuneKune.
To sum it up truly the only point I would certainly feed them is pork.
Anything you can eat they can eat as well as much more like food scraps as well as rotten or musty food.

If you remain in the practice of throwing out food. After that obtain a slop pail as well as begin giving it to your Kune Kunes.
They will gladly consume all of it.

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