Lavender Orpington poultries just may be the ideal breed for a backyard poultry group. These are wonderful birds that make a superb “starter” breed for your initial chickens. They likewise make a terrific addition to any kind of flock.

When you begin or include in your hen group, you’ll find yourself inundated with numerous type options. From blurry silkies to gigantic brahmas, the selections are virtually countless! If you want to have hens that are matched to the family members backyard. Nonetheless, you’ll need to pick your breeds meticulously. And for the best city family members yard poultry type, look no more than the Lavender Orpington poultries!

Lavender Orpington chickens are gorgeous, cosy, pleasant birds with silvery-blue feathers. Maxing out at 6-8 pounds, their color and puffy look make them look like soft, grey clouds straying around the lawn. They are good egg layers, sweet-natured, and also wonderful for newbies as well as kids. With so much to enjoy, it is not surprising that this breed is so highly popular.

Editor’s Note: If you are new to keeping chickens, take a look at A Novice’s Overview to Raise Chickens for great deals of fantastic information about poultry breeds, raising a metropolitan poultry group, as well as much more.

lavender orpington chickens are a good choice for a backyard chicken coop

History of Lavender Orpington Chickens

The initial Orpington poultries were reproduced by William Chef in the 1800s. Who called them after the town of Orpington, England. Prepare bred them to be the excellent dual-purpose bird, implying fantastic egg layers as well as wonderful meat birds for the dinner table.

Prepare took his prized Orpingtons to U.S. chicken reveals, and also the type was an immediate hit. The original black-colored Orpington was joined by several various other shades, consisting of white, red and the American favorite: enthusiast.

During the mid-20th century, when small homesteads were changed by massive chicken farms, the Orpington breed befalled of favor. Orpingtons were ultimately put on the “threatened” breed list. Yet during the past 30 years or so, the breed has seen a rebirth as a family and also reveal breed. Today, Orpington poultries are a lot more popular than ever.

Lavender Orpington chickens are a much more recent addition to the Orpington family members. The shade, introduced in the late 1990s, is practically an extremely diluted black. It resulted after decades of breeding in the U.K. This shade types “real,” so 2 Lavender Orpington chickens will generate all Lavender infants.

The temperament of the Breed

The even more common Lover Orpington is referred to as the “gold retriever” of the fowl world for its pleasant personality. And also the Lavender Orpington is showing to be just as friendly! When elevated from chicks, these birds enjoy ahead when called, enrich on laps, and also work out in for cuddles and also deals with. Because they are so manageable, Lavender Orpingtons make wonderful animals for family members with children.

Their gentle nature reaches the roosters too. Lavender Orpington roosters make good guards, but they have a tendency to be non-aggressive in the direction of people. If you find yourself in the city as well as among your Lavender Orpington chicks turns out to be a fowl, opportunities are he will certainly be easy to re-home.

a lavender orpington chick sleeps in a man's hands

Lavender Orpington Chickens in Urban and Suburban Backyards

Numerous variables make Lavender Orpingtons ideal urban yard poultries:

  • They have a peaceful, tranquil nature that your neighbors will most definitely appreciate. (Various other types– even the hens– can be extremely loud).
  • They take to captivity well they can be kept in a nice chicken run all day without dealing with.
  • If you let them bent on wander the backyard to stop them from flying over your fencing and also getting involved in problem.
  • They should lay lots of additional eggs to distribute– an additional huge plus if you intend to maintain the next-door neighbors pleased!

Physical Traits

Lavender Orpingtons are very similar to their Lover relatives. They are clean-faced (no muffs or beards), with small-medium sized combs and wattles. Their legs and also beak are a slate grey to match those silver feathers. Like the Buff, this breed is well-feathered as well as moderately fluffy. Making them appear much larger than they truly are.

Lavender Orpingtons are very cold durable and prosper in cooler climates. They are not susceptible to frost-bite. In the summer season though, those thick plumes make them vulnerable to heat stroke. So, give your Orpingtons lots of shade and water. Feed them a high quality diet plan to maintain their gorgeous feathers.


Broodiness is the impulse to remain on a clutch of eggs as well as come to be a chicken-mom. Fortunately, broodiness is a popular trait in Lavender Orpington poultries. They have a tendency to “go broody” one or two times a year, and also they make superb moms.

Egg Production

One fantastic reason to think about Lavender Orpingtons is their eggs. Chickens are modest to heavy layers of big light brown, pink-tinted eggs. Typical is about 200 eggs annually. They will not exactly out-lay a Leghorn, yet their production is plenty for a little family.

lavender orpington hen
Lavender Orpington chickens make a delightful addition to your backyard or homestead!

Is the Lavender Orpington Right For You?

If you are thinking about a Lavender Orpington to include in your group. There are a number of things to think about:

  1. This breed is both uncommon and also very prized, making it a prime prospect for inbreeding. Make certain you get your Lavender Orpington chicks from a credible breeding ground or local dog breeder.
  2. The type’s rarity and also popularity also makes it more costly than your typical backyard chicken. Lavender Orpington pullets can set you back as much as $30 each from a hatchery.
  3. Like all Orpingtons, this breed is not one of the most savvy free-range bird. They are great foragers. However they can not fly well, Plus, they are poor at keeping an eye out for predators. Maintain your free-ranged Orpingtons in a well-guarded flock to give them a little added protection. As well as they’ll do just great.
  4. Lavender is not yet an “appropriate” color for Orpingtons with the American Chicken Organization. So, sadly you can’t exhibit them for bows. They are, however, a superb showmanship bird for kids in 4-H and also other clubs.
  5. Lavender Orpington poultries are so calm and docile that they are often targets for bullying by extra aggressive types. Keep an eye out for indications of pecking as well as plucking.

Are you simply beginning in your chicken-keeping pastime or company? Local farm as well as cattle ranch stores are an outstanding resource of chicken supplies and also info. So is the Internet.

A Final Thought

The Lavender Orpington is an all-around type that will certainly grow as a metropolitan yard hen. Their attractive plumes, sweet disposition, and huge brownish eggs make them a deserving candidate for your rural flock.

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