Salmon Faverolle Chickens are the barnyard comedians. They are passionate regarding every little thing they do, curious to the point of nosiness, and rather talkative!
They will constantly go to you when they see you coming expecting treats, however even without deals with, they seem really happy to see you.
This hen type is practically perfect for the homesteader or urban backyard, as well as they, are truly ending up being quite preferred now.
Allow’s take a better check out this breed and see if it’s the best poultry for you.

The Background of Faverolles

Salmon Faverolle originated in a little village in France called Faverolles. Their hereditary make-up mixes Houdan, Brahma, French Rennes, Flemish cuckoo, Malines, as well as Dorking.

It is totally possible that other breeds were utilized also. We will never ever know for certain since no documents exist of the development of this type.
French farmers were trying to find a hen that fleshed out well for the market as well as laid an excellent amount of eggs.
During that time, the Houdan was the current breed in favor and supplied the Parisian markets with fresh meat and eggs, yet the Houdan detested the recent intro of cage arrest as well as did not act well.
The farmers were looking for a hen that tolerated caged arrest much better than the Houdan.
The Faverolles appeared to endure arrest quite possibly and also did not exhibit any cage-induced bad habits as the Houdan did.
They were similarly in the house foraging in the fields– a very accommodating hen.
In 1894 the very first Faverolles were imported to the UK, where the British remained to collaborate with the bird and also established a UK criterion for the type.
It wasn’t till the very early 1900s when they were imported to the states by a Dr. Phelps of Glen Falls, New York.

Salmon Faverolle Look as well as StandardWhere to start? Their beard makes them look adorable with their cosy faces.

The solitary comb ought to have 5 points and is red as is the face; wattles are small to non-existent. The beak is a pinkish/horn color, as well as the eyes are a reddish bay.
Their body is deep and also broad (trapezoid fit). The back and bust are both broad, and also there is deepness via the keel. This has the effect of making them look a lot bigger than they truly are.
The color of the plumes is a rich, honeyed salmon shade over the back, head, and wings. They have a white/straw-colored bust polychromatic with salmon. The bust, muff, and also lower half of the body are a much lighter straw/cream color.
The under fluff is a grayish color.
The plumes are fluffy and loosened, which likewise makes them look larger than they are.
Legs are feathered, as well as each foot has five toes– a hereditary visibility from the Dorking. The legs are white in color, as is the skin.
The rooster is altogether different from the chicken in tinting. He sports a black beard, black undercarriage, and also a black breast– an amazing looking bird. He has straw-colored hackles, back, and saddle.
The wing has a rich gold color on the bow, with a triangular white pointer.
Tail primaries are beetle eco-friendly, as well as leg feathers are black. ‘Under fluff’ is slate gray.
Salmon Faverolle Rooster have an online reputation of being calm, non-aggressive, and instead regal.
The Faverolles have a tendency to mature a little bit earlier than other types, as well as once they start laying, they will lay well with the winter season.
Once fully grown, a hen will certainly weigh in at 6 1/2 pounds, with a Salmon Faverolle Rooster evaluating 8lbs.


Although several shade ranges are readily available, below in the US, just salmon and white are identified shades.
The Salmon shade was accepted to the APA in 1914 and the white much later in 1981.
The APA identifies this hen as Continental, whilst the ABA identify it as plume legged as well as the PCGB categorize it as a soft feather, heavy.
The initial bantam Faverolles were developed in 1925. Weights for the bantams are men at 30oz and ladies at 26oz.
Disposition, Egg Laying, as well as Broodiness Salmon Faverolles are abundant regarding life. They get along, interested, and also humorous.
Salmon faverolles will certainly dash wildly around the lawn bumping into each other. And carry on as if whatever they are doing is of miraculous significance.

Sometimes you will certainly obtain an irritated one, however that is an exception, not the rule.
They are accommodating as well as mild birds and, thus, do often tend to be at or near the bottom of the position, so manage them ensure the much more assertive hens aren’t harassing them.
As for eggs, they are great layers of tinted/very light brown, medium-sized eggs. They lay approximately around 180-200 eggs per year/roughly 4 eggs per week.
Viewpoints are split on the broodiness of this chicken, but from observing my own little flock, I would say it’s about standard.
I have one who goes broody annually, but she is very easy to ‘damage. The others are also busy being nosey to care to be broody.
People who have enabled them to establish claim they are trustworthy setters as well as make good mothers — possibly I’ll try it this year!

Common Health And Wellness Issues

Their beards and feathery legs are overly susceptible to lice. You will require to examine routinely to make certain your flock does not have a problem.
If you need to ‘dust’ them, beware around the eyes and also beak; the dust can aggravate both.
Feathered legs are additionally vulnerable to flaky leg termites.
The feathers make it extremely difficult to find till the trouble is obvious. Again, normal monitoring needs to maintain points under control.
Besides this, the Faverolles seems to be a robust and healthy, and balanced bird with an anticipated life-span of in between 5-7 years.

Is The Salmon Faverolle Right For You?

If you want a salmon faverolle chicken that makes you grin, enjoys to cuddle, and is great with kids, the Salmon Faverolles may be for you!
Their humorous antics make sure to bring a smile to your face, and also if you increase them from salmon faverolle Chickens, they will certainly love to be held and bothered.

This is a very mild bird that does very well with children. Although I would certainly not advise leaving any kind of small child alone with any type of Salmon Faverolle Rooster till you are certain of the temperament.

They do not fly well, so they really do not require high fences to maintain them enclosed, and as we have pointed out, they do well in arrest.
If they are allowed to free-range, they are good foragers and also will certainly be quite delighted in a smaller sized yard, although more area is constantly far better.

These chickens are great layers and also lay well via winter season. If you are aiming to put food on the table. The Faverolles dress out at a respectable weight for a small household.


This wonderful poultry continues to be on the Animals Conservancy ‘threatened’ list. As it is becoming extra popular with yard caretakers, probably it will certainly move off the checklist entirely.

In past years it was kept mostly as a decorative or exhibition hen. Still, as more individuals uncover the attributes of this bird, it is coming to be a backyard favorite once again, not only for eggs yet additionally as a pet dog.

Mine continue to entertain me. They are always ‘ready to go’– the first out in the morning as well as last in during the night.

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